Aeropress Method

Aeropress Method

A good starting ratio of coffee to water for an aeropress is 1 to 16. .5oz of coffee in an 8oz cup (15g of coffee to 235 ml of water). for you metric folks. (coffee ground slightly finer than for pour over).

What you need:

Freshly roasted coffee, a kitchen scale, a timer, a coffee grinder, a spoon, a kettle for boiling and pouring water, and an aeropress with filter.

What you do:

Use scale to measure out coffee and water. A good starting ratio of coffee to water for an aeropress is 1 to 16, and since we’ll be making an 8oz cup, we will be using .5oz of coffee, or 15g of coffee to 235 ml of water for you metric folks.

Boil water and grind coffee to fine setting (slightly finer than what you would use for a pour over).

Once water is boiling, rinse aeropress filter. Place filter cap on the end of the aeropress, then place the aeropress on a carafe on your kitchen scale. Add coffee and tare.

Start timer and begin pouring water. Add all your brewing water at once, aiming to pour all 235g in around 20 seconds. Once the scale reads 235g, use your spoon to gently stir the mixture and ensure even saturation of all coffee grounds.

When you’re finished stirring, place the plunger on top of the aeropress to create a seal.

Let the mixture sit until your timer reads 1:30. Remove the plunger and give the coffee another stir. Replace the plunger and immediately depress it with firm but gentle pressure. Stop when the mechanism starts to hiss. The entire brewing process should take around 2:00-2:15.

Decant & enjoy.

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