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Mixed Variety of Coffee Blends - 12 Compatible Brew Cups

Mixed Variety of Coffee Blends - 12 Compatible Brew Cups

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Treat yourself to our unique single cup pods (Keurig compatible but always freshly roasted). 

This collection invites you to discover your unique preferences. Immerse yourself in a tasting experience behind each of our diverse and exquisite blends, featuring the exotic notes of Island Blend, the bold and robust profile of Bold Blend, the smooth Decaffeinated Colombian Single Origin, the energetic vibes of Adventure Blend, and the timeless allure of Classic Blend. Elevate your coffee ritual with a single box of coffee blends, expertly crafted by combining premium beans from the world's most renowned producing regions.

[Every box includes 2 decaffeinated, 2 Adventure, 2 Classic, 2 Island, 2 Bold and 2 Colombian pods. We occasionally substitute the Colombian pods when freshly roasted Colombian us not available]

Product Size: 12 Compatible Brew Cups per Box

Roast Level: Varies

We are continually evaluating and being conscious about using packaging that both provides peak storage and is sustainable so packaging may vary slightly from photographs.

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