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Sumatran Gold - Single Origin - 12oz Bag

Sumatran Gold - Single Origin - 12oz Bag

Roast Level Medium Dark
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This coffee comes from the North Sumatra province in Indonesia, one of the largest coffee-producing regions by volume on the island. Coffee here is usually wet-hulled, a processing method unique to Indonesia due to unpredictable rains during the drying season. Once pulped, coffee is dried to a certain moisture level before hulling. After that, the coffee is dried the rest of the way before being prepared for export. Small, family-owned farms are the norm here, though larger estates do exist.

Product Size: 12oz Bag

Recommended Roast Level: Medium Dark

Arabica Varietal: Catimor, Caturra, and Typica

We are continually evaluating and being conscious about using packaging that both provides peak storage and is sustainable so packaging may vary slightly from photographs.

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